Hoover WH20200 TwinTank Floor SteamerIn the world of cleaning products, the Hoover brand is known for quality, innovative features and affordable prices. Because of Hoover’s dedication to providing reliability and excellent customer service, these products are more popular than many other brands.

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If you’re looking for a high-quality steam mop that will last for years, one model you may want to strongly consider is the Hoover WH20200 TwinTank Floor Steamer. This model is lightweight, durable and affordable. Here are some reasons why this Hoover stands out from other similarly priced floor steamers.


This steam mop is capable of sanitizing the surfaces of your home effectively. The power of steam combined with the Hoover SteamPlus disinfectant solution eliminates more than 99.9 percent of bacteria including Influenza A, H1N1, Staph, MRSA, E. coli and many more. If you, or a family member suffers from environmental allergies, this mop will also eliminate dust mites and other common household allergens.

Ease of Use

The Hoover TwinTank Disinfecting Steam Mop requires very little assembly. Simply snap the handle into the base, and you’ll be ready to clean. If you have difficulties, the instruction manual gives a detailed explanation on how to assemble and use your steam mop.


This mop was designed so that anyone can use it. It’s lightweight and glides easily across the floor. If you have back problems or other mobility issues, you’ll discover that this floor steamer is much easier to use than a regular mop and bucket.


In addition to your new steam mop, you will also get additional accessories. You will receive three machine washable cleaning pads, a docking tray to protect your floors when storing your mop, a small bottle of Hoover SteamPlus disinfectant solution and a carpet glider.


This Hoover floor steamer offers a wide variety of features to please everyone. Here are some of the best features that this model has to offer.

  • This mop has a two tank system that was developed for individuals who like to use disinfectant cleaners on their floors. Although many people switch to steam mops because they want to eliminate chemical cleaners from their home, others feel that these solutions make their floors cleaner. The twin tank system is a way to ensure that everyone is happy. You can use water alone, or you have the option to use the solution with the switch of a dial.
  • The Hoover comes equipped with a 30-foot power cord. One common complaint steam mop users have is that the cords on these mops are rarely long enough. With the longer cord, you can easily clean an entire room without the hassle of unplugging the mop and waiting for it to heat up again.
  • This steam mop has a triangular shaped swiveling mop head. This design allows you to easily maneuver into corners and along baseboards. It is also easier to clean around furniture.
  • It has a solution control dial. When cleaning with the disinfectant solution, this dial allows you to adjust the amount of solution that is used. This allows you to use more solution in areas that get a lot of traffic and less in the areas of your home that may not need a deep cleaning.
  • This model comes equipped with an indicator light to let you know when the water is heated up and ready to use. If you’re looking for a steam mop that you can use to clean up small messes quickly, this model is one of the best. It heats up and is ready to go in approximately 30 seconds.

As with any large purchase, when considering which product to buy, you should consider the positive features as well as the negative. Although the Hoover TwinTank model has several good points, there are also a few things that could be improved. Here are some possible improvements that could be made to make this floor steamer even better.

  • This floor steamer does not produce continuous steam. When mopping, you must hold down the trigger the entire time. Although this is not problematic for most people, it can cause some discomfort in your hand when cleaning large areas of flooring.
  • If you opt to use the Hoover SteamPlus cleaning solution, the cost of the solution can add up. A 32 ounce bottle of this product will cost approximately $15. However, since you can control how much of the solution is used, you can make a bottle last quite a while.

Ultimately, if you are looking for a high-quality floor steamer that has the ability to eliminate harmful bacteria from your home, you will be pleased with this product. Also, when you purchase a steam mop with the Hoover name, you can also be sure that you are choosing a brand you can trust. If you have any problems with your mop, Hoover has a reputation for excellent customer service and reliability.

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