Haan FS20 Plus Sanitizer and Floor SteamerThe Haan FS20 Plus is a great option for someone who is looking to upgrade from a less expensive, basic steam mop. For approximately 80 dollars, you can have a steam mop that leaves surfaces as clean and sanitized as the more expensive models. This model has been engineered to decrease friction while leaving floors dry almost immediately. It’s so lightweight and easy to push that even a child can use it. The Haan will work well on most hard surfaces including sealed hardwood, laminate, linoleum, tile, granite, and marble. It also comes with a deluxe sanitizing tray that clips on to remove dirt, dust mites, and other allergens from carpet, mattresses, and other upholstered furniture. Although the Haan is definitely superior to other steam mops in the same price range, it’s still a good idea to consider the advantages and disadvantages of this model in order to adequately compare it to other mops you may be considering.

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Advantages of the Haan FS20 Plus Floor Steamer

  • The water heats to temperatures of approximately 212 degrees Fahrenheit to produce steam that will kill dust mites, allergens, and bacteria, including e. coli and salmonella.
  • The Haan FS20 can provide a continuous steam for up to 20 minutes before you have to stop to refill the water tank. You are not required to press a lever in order for the steam to be released.
  • This machine weighs less than four pounds with a full tank of water. Anyone in your family will be able to effortlessly clean and sanitize your hard surface floors. If you have back problems, this is one of the lightest, easiest to maneuver steam mops available.
  • The Haan comes packaged with two multi-layered micro-fiber cleaning pads. The extra layers make them more absorbent than other mop pads, and they are still thin enough to be used and changed easily.
  • The Haan FS20 has an indicator light to let you know when the water is heated to the correct temperature. There is also an indicator light that comes on when your water tank is getting low. This feature is a great time saver because you don’t have to constantly check the water on your own.
  • This is one of the few models that will stand on its own. Most floor steamers do not have this ability, and you have to prop them up against something whenever you walk away. It also comes with a floor protector mat for you to place the steam mop on while it’s heating up or cooling down.
  • The sturdy, adjustable pole makes it easy to adjust the mop to the height that’s right for you.

Disadvantages of the Haan FS20 Plus Floor Steamer

  • The mop head is larger than many other steam mops. This makes it difficult to clean around toilets and under furniture.
  • The cord is less than 20 feet long. For large spaces, you will have to unplug the mop several times while cleaning.
  • When cleaning, this mop does occasionally leave streaks on the floor, especially once the mop pad becomes soiled. If this is bothersome to you, it may help to change the mop pad frequently.

The Haan FS20 Plus Floor Steamer is one of the best mops in its price range. It offers more features, and heats up to higher temperatures that other similar models. If you are looking to replace a less expensive floor steamer, this model is a great value for the price. If you, or someone in your family has trouble with allergies, the Haan efficiently produces steam hot enough to kill many allergens on your hard surface floors, carpet, mattresses, and other furniture.

Since floor steamers clean and sanitize using only water, they don’t produce the clean scent that many cleaning products can provide. If you enjoy a fresh, clean scent when cleaning your home, that is another great reason to choose the Haan FS20. Haan makes steam scents that can be purchased separately. All you do is add a few drops to the mop pad, and as you clean the scent will be produced. These are available in a variety of scents including fresh apple, freesia breeze, and juicy orange. If you’d like to try all three, you can purchase the Haan steam scents three pack for a little over 20 dollars.

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