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Floor Steamer Reviews - Best Floor Steamers

How to Pick the Best Floor Steam Cleaner

Floor steamers, which are more commonly referred to as steam mops, are clever inventions that make mopping faster, easier and more convenient. There is no need to keep buckets and chemicals on hand, and you won’t feel like you are just spreading dirty water over the floor. With a floor steamer, all you need is the mop itself, a soft cleaning head and some water.

While floor steamers may cost more at the time of purchase than traditional mops (you can purchase a snazzy sponge mop for less than $20 where as you can expect to spend a $100 or more on a steam mop), the benefits and advantages a floor steamer has over a traditional mop far outweigh any differences in cost and will more than pay for itself over time. How you ask? Well, for one, it will save you money on chemicals. In addition, because they are so much more efficient than sponge mops, you will also save a great deal of time. The mops themselves also last longer than regular floor mops, so it won’t have to be replaced again for quite some time. Moreover, they are incredibly quiet to use; the only noise they produce is the gentle hiss of steam as you clean. The greatest benefit of a floor steamer, however, is that it gets your floors clean and leaves them dry and ready to enjoy.

Five Must-Have Features of the Top Floor Steamers

  1. Dry Floors – Traditional mopping leaves floor soaking wet. A floor steamer leaves floors dry and safe, making them a great choice for households with pets and active children. Unfortunately, not all floor steamers are created equal when it comes to drying time. Lower quality floor steamers are often criticized for leaving the floor soaking wet. Choose a quality model that will put down a nice layer of steam, not just a heavy spray of hot water. You should also look for one with thick, absorbent pads to help ensure that your floor is left gorgeous and dry.
  2. Lightweight – They should be easy to push around, essentially gliding across the floor with ease. When reviewing your options, take a moment to consider how much the floor steamer weighs. Lighter floor steamers will be easier to handle and move around the home.
  3. Steam – Some floor steamers deliver steam upon demand through a trigger. Others provide a steady supply of hot steam. In general, the steady supply of steam will provide more thorough cleaning than the pump action models. A third option is to choose a floor steamer that combines the two methods. Some floor steamers are designed so that the steam is released when the mop is moved forward. This allows you to effectively remove any residue from the floor as you pull the steam mop back.
  4. Easy to use – Not all floor steamers are equally simply to use. One thing you will want to consider is how easily the mop pad can be fitted onto the mop and then removed. Some steam mops have a type of Velcro on the back of the mop cloths that will readily attach to the mop. Removing these heads is as simple as pulling it off when you are done. If the store has a display model, take a moment to put it on the floor and hold it. The handle should be high enough for you to comfortably grasp it and move it around the room.
  5. Accessories – Some floor steamers come with one mop head style that is designed either for large areas, or tiny spots and corners. The ideal steam cleaner, however, will have attachments for both. When you are investing money in a steam cleaner, it’s always wise to choose one with all the upgrades and features you can use. Multiple mop pads are always desirable, allowing you to have a few on hand even when you are behind on the laundry. A rug tray accessory will allow you to glide the steamer over low-pile carpets, removing dust and leaving them fresh.

Also, keep in mind that floor steamers are available in a wide range of pads, and the right one for you will depend on your personal preference. Some have disposable pads, which offer a great deal of convenience. The one drawback is that you will have to purchase new pads on a regular basis. Other floor steamers have cloth pads that you wash after every use. These will save you money in the long run, but you will want to buy a few extra pads. Having at least three on hand will allow you to cycle them through the wash, always keeping at least one clean pad ready to go. The third and final option is washable pads that are also reversible. These pads will go twice as long between washings, because both sides of the pad can be used for cleaning.

Take care when using steam mops. Manufacturers recommend wearing shoes when steam cleaning as a precaution. You also will not want to run the mop when small children are moving around. Floor steamers are extremely efficient and will save you money in the long run on the cost of water, chemicals and new mops. Quiet to operate and extremely easy to use, they are an excellent addition to any home.

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